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The cost of posting 'snail mail' is rising and companies are collecting email addresses as a standard method of contacting customers so why wouldn't you engage your potential customers with well designed, targetted email campaigns?


Our templates make it easy to create effective emails without needing to learn HTML. Choose from our extensive range of free, customisable templates or have us create a bespoke design to match your business needs. All our templates are tested with the major email clients to ensure maximum compatability.


We take all the pain out of subscriber management by handling the messy stuff like bounces and unsubscribes automatically. Whether you've got a small list, or need to get your hands dirty with segmenting and personalization, we've got you covered. Today, the most important factor in the delivery of your email is your sender reputation. If ISP's don't know you or don't like what you're sending, you won't be invited back. We're constantly working to ensure you can piggyback off our great reputation and give your campaigns the best chance of reaching the inbox.


If you know who opened your emails, what they clicked on, who bounced and who unsubscribed, you can start to understand who your audience really is, and what they are interested in. This will enable you to further target your potential customers to deliver information about products they actually want to hear about.

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