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Setup your site on an A Record

If you want to setup your domain on an A Record (e.g. cosmicvent.com), login to your DNS web console

Point A record to

If you want to setup your domain on CNAME e.g. foobar.example.com

Setup a CNAME for "foobar" to point to your simplesite's subdomain e.g. foobar.getsimplesite.com

If you want to setup a redirect from your domain to a www.* domain or the other way round

Point the A record like above and setup a CNAME like above, we'll do the redirect automatically

Help articles

How to give others access to edit your site

We have just added the ability to let multiple users edit the site.
If you want to give others access to edit your site, go to the collaborators page and add their email id and click on the 'Add collaborator' button. That's it, now they have access to your site and can edit the content. If you want to remove a collaborator just click on the 'trash' icon, this will revoke the access given to the user, after which they cannot access your site.

Collaborators link
Add colaborator form
Remove collaborator button

Page rendering

Your page is rendered using the underscore templating library. You also have to all the methods which are available in underscore.js.


Ace editor keyboard shortcuts

PC (Windows/Linux) Mac action
Ctrl-Enter Command-Enter enter full screen
Ctrl-S Command-S save the current document
Ctrl-I Command-I view current document online
Ctrl-Space Command-Space show autocompletion/snippet list
Ctrl-, Command-, Show the settings menu
Ctrl-Alt-Up Ctrl-Option-Up add multi-cursor above
Ctrl-Alt-Down Ctrl-Option-Down add multi-cursor below
Ctrl-Alt-Right Ctrl-Option-Right add next occurrence to multi-selection
Ctrl-Alt-Left Ctrl-Option-Left add previous occurrence to multi-selection
Ctrl-L center selection
Ctrl-Shift-U Ctrl-Shift-U change to lower case
Ctrl-U Ctrl-U change to upper case
Alt-Shift-Down Command-Option-Down copy lines down
Alt-Shift-Up Command-Option-Up copy lines up
Delete delete
Ctrl-Shift-D Command-Shift-D duplicate selection
Ctrl-F Command-F find
Ctrl-K Command-G find next
Ctrl-Shift-K Command-Shift-G find previous
Alt-0 Command-Option-0 fold all
Alt-L, Ctrl-F1 Command-Option-L, Command-F1 fold selection
Down Down, Ctrl-N go line down
Up Up, Ctrl-P go line up
Ctrl-End Command-End, Command-Down go to end
Left Left, Ctrl-B go to left
Ctrl-L Command-L go to line
Alt-Right, End Command-Right, End, Ctrl-E go to line end
Alt-Left, Home Command-Left, Home, Ctrl-A go to line start
Ctrl-P go to matching bracket
PageDown Option-PageDown, Ctrl-V go to page down
PageUp Option-PageUp go to page up
Right Right, Ctrl-F go to right
Ctrl-Home Command-Home, Command-Up go to start
Ctrl-Left Option-Left go to word left
Ctrl-Right Option-Right go to word right
Tab Tab indent
Ctrl-Alt-E macros recording
Ctrl-Shift-E Command-Shift-E macros replay
Alt-Down Option-Down move lines down
Alt-Up Option-Up move lines up
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Up Ctrl-Option-Shift-Up move multicursor from current line to the line above
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Down Ctrl-Option-Shift-Down move multicursor from current line to the line below
Shift-Tab Shift-Tab outdent
Insert Insert overwrite
Ctrl-Shift-Z, Ctrl-Y Command-Shift-Z, Command-Y redo
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Right Ctrl-Option-Shift-Right remove current occurrence from multi-selection and move to next
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Left Ctrl-Option-Shift-Left remove current occurrence from multi-selection and move to previous
Ctrl-D Command-D remove line
Alt-Delete Ctrl-K remove to line end
Alt-Backspace Command-Backspace remove to linestart
Ctrl-Backspace Option-Backspace, Ctrl-Option-Backspace remove word left
Ctrl-Delete Option-Delete remove word right
Ctrl-R Command-Option-F replace
Ctrl-Shift-R Command-Shift-Option-F replace all
Ctrl-Down Command-Down scroll line down
Ctrl-Up scroll line up
Option-PageDown scroll page down
Option-PageUp scroll page up
Ctrl-A Command-A select all
Ctrl-Shift-L Ctrl-Shift-L select all from multi-selection
Shift-Down Shift-Down select down
Shift-Left Shift-Left select left
Shift-End Shift-End select line end
Shift-Home Shift-Home select line start
Shift-PageDown Shift-PageDown select page down
Shift-PageUp Shift-PageUp select page up
Shift-Right Shift-Right select right
Ctrl-Shift-End Command-Shift-Down select to end
Alt-Shift-Right Command-Shift-Right select to line end
Alt-Shift-Left Command-Shift-Left select to line start
Ctrl-Shift-P select to matching bracket
Ctrl-Shift-Home Command-Shift-Up select to start
Shift-Up Shift-Up select up
Ctrl-Shift-Left Option-Shift-Left select word left
Ctrl-Shift-Right Option-Shift-Right select word right
Ctrl-O split line
Ctrl-/ Command-/ toggle comment
Ctrl-T Ctrl-T transpose letters
Ctrl-Z Command-Z undo
Alt-Shift-L, Ctrl-Shift-F1 Command-Option-Shift-L, Command-Shift-F1 unfold
Alt-Shift-0 Command-Option-Shift-0 unfold all

Page speed optimizations that are performed on your site

The following page speed optimizations are automatically performed on your site:

  1. add_head
  2. combine_css
  3. combine_javascript
  4. collapse_whitespace
  5. combine_heads
  6. convert_meta_tags
  7. inline_css
  8. inline_google_font_css
  9. inline_javascript
  10. move_css_to_head
  11. remove_comments
  12. rewrite_images

Read more about these optimizations

SEO Optimizations

We do the following SEO optimizations

  1. Remove trailing slashes
  2. Add a robots.txt file

How to setup a simple website

Coming soon

Assets available for simplesite templates

Assets available for your includes

High quality public images


Bootstrap and bootswatch css/js (Source, Source)



Bootstrap image gallery (Source)


Blueimp jquery gallery (Source)



Glyphicons (referenced from the stylesheets) (Source)


Font awesome (Source)


jQuery (Source)


How to add a powered by getsimplesite.com badge to your site

You can add a powered by getsimplesite.com badge to your footer to give us some boost :)

Copy the following code

Powered by <a href="http://getsimplesite.com" title="Get your business online in 5 minutes">Simple Site</a>

Thanks You

Code completion and CDN assets

We now have code completion which fills in the asset paths for you. e.g. if you type yeti and hit tab it will expand it to the css include of the yeti theme from our CDN. You can even type ss and hit Ctrl-Space to show the available snippets.

Available snippets
Expanded asset

How to add a contact form to your site

Adding contact forms is a common thing most people do after setting up a website, You can easily add a contact form through simplesite by following the steps below.

Create a form tag with the input data you want to collect like below

<form method="post" accept-charset="utf-8">
                                  <!-- optional field for setting the name of this form -->
                                  <input type="hidden" name="_name" value='Contact' />
                                  <!-- optional field for setting the redirect after form submission -->
                                  <!-- by default the form submission is redirected to the current page's url with a #thank-you appended to it-->
                                  <input type="hidden" name="_redirect" value='/contact-thank-you' />
                                  <input type="text" name="Name" id="Name" placeholder='Name' />
                                  <br />
                                  <input type="text" name="Phone" id="Phone" placeholder='Phone' />
                                  <br />
                                  <input type="submit" value="Send" />

These form submissions are then shown in the forms tab of your website

Setting up email forwards for your domain

Do the following to setup email forwarding for your domains.

Create an MX record with a priority of 10 to point to mail.cosmicvent.net

Create a TXT record for your root hostname with this text 'v=spf1 ptr ip4: -all'

Debugging your site generation

Simple site allows you to debug your templates using console.log similar to how you would debug a piece of javascript code.
Adding the following would print whatever is in the console.log in your site generation log

<%console.log("Whatever you want to debug") %>